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Find out why we love the Princess V39!

Uploaded Wed 2nd 14:35:22 · 2,692 views

Chris takes you on a tour round the Princess V39 and takes it for a quick spin.

A overview of the Williams Sportjet 345

Uploaded Sun 4th 10:39:37 · 1,855 views

Darren takes a quick look at the new Sportjet 345

My 5 reasons why I love this Williams Turbojet 285S

Uploaded Fri 23rd 15:09:40 · 1,098 views

Shot in our Williams ShowRoom - I give the 5 reasons why I love this Williams Turbojet 285S

2017 Yacht Club Helicopter Video

Uploaded Sun 25th 11:05:42 · 315 views

Film taken from helicopter of the Boats Yacht Club Cowes trip.

New 2017 Princess V58 with

Uploaded Wed 17th 12:40:01 · 6,124 views

A look inside a brand new Princess V58 yacht. The boat was filmed by our office in Salterns Marina and in Poole harbour. Edited by Ploddipus

How to berth (Stern to) your boat in the Mediterranean

Uploaded Tue 28th 07:36:42 · 17,844 views

How moor in a Mediterranean style marina.


Uploaded Tue 22nd 10:59:44 · 266 views


Uploaded Tue 22nd 10:57:56 · 165 views

How To Buy A Used Boat

Uploaded Sun 4th 15:18:20 · 9,852 views short guide on the stages to expect when buying a used boat.

How to run inboard engine out of the water on a hose

Uploaded Fri 24th 09:42:54 · 54,588 views

To is important never to run up your engine without a water source.

How to check a boats cutlass bearing

Uploaded Tue 21st 09:35:08 · 27,405 views

Learn how to quickly check your cutlass bearing. A worn cutlass bearing can cause vibration and if left can cause shaft damage.

How to prepare and anti foul a boat hull.

Uploaded Sat 13th 10:43:52 · 11,890 views

Chris shows how we prepare and anti foul a boat hull at our Essex HQ.

New 2015 Princess 56 with

Uploaded Fri 5th 11:34:20 · 23,038 views

A look inside a brand new Princess 56 yacht. The boat was moored at our Essex HQ. Watch our tour of the boat, both inside and out.

How to secure a boat in a berth using a spring line.

Uploaded Wed 3rd 10:48:19 · 12,517 views

How to correctly tie up a boat in a berth using a spring line. This boat is secured using a bow line and a stern line.

How to secure a mooring line to a cleat

Uploaded Fri 8th 09:51:08 · 5,746 views

Learn how to secure your boat securely and quickly.

How to tie and secure a fender

Uploaded Fri 1st 11:49:23 · 63,274 views

We demonstrate the correct knot to tie a fonder to a guard rail to make sure it is secure, but still easy to undo.

2015 Williams Sportjet 460

Uploaded Sat 11th 10:08:44 · 17,520 views

We take a 2015 William Sportjet 460 for a spin around the marina.

Aerial tour of HQ

Uploaded Sat 11th 10:03:00 · 3,275 views

Filmed with our new drone, watch a aerial tour of our Essex Marina HQ.

How to remember fore and aft

Uploaded Wed 22nd 17:01:43 · 2,162 views

Some simple memory tips on how to remember fore and aft.

How to remember bow and stern on a boat

Uploaded Fri 17th 14:45:41 · 4,656 views

Some simple tips on how to remember which end is the bow and which end is the blunt-end, the stern.