2 Mins talking about boats with Jim Davidson

James Barke sat down with Jim Davidson for a quick chat about his love of boating

Is this the first boat you have owned?

No it isn't. My first boat was a Fletcher in 1977, then a Zeus speedboat later that same year. I loved boating so I then bought a Sunseeker 31 offshore directly off Robert Braithwaite in 1980, then a Princess 55 in 1987 followed by a Aldhean 36 wavebreaker in 2010 (but it caught fire & survived!), then a Princess 45 from Derek at SMY and then this lovely Princess 61 from

What do you love most about your Princess?

She's beautiful to look it ! and I love the cherry wood and I know it sounds corny but I get fantastic support from and there engineer Steve. He is brilliant but sometimes comes too early in the morning to fix things !

What's her name?

Princess Mitchie - named after the other half- Michelle.

What got you into boating?

A season working in Torquay. I kept looking at the water before and after performances and said to myself I need to get on the water.

What's been your best experience on your boat?

There were 3 sisters in Torquay............

What made you choose your boat?

Looks and layout. Everything is in the right place. Its like falling in love with a beautiful woman and pinching yourself when you go home every night and seeing that she hasn't run off.

What's next?

I am really happy with the Princess 61 for now, so I will keep her pretty and keep her.

Thanks very much Jim.
Jim was interviewed by James Barke, Managing Director at Princess East Coast and Poole ( on 7th February 2019.