Selling my boat


As the largest independent motor boat retailer in the UK, selling your boat is our speciality. With nearly 60 years experience and global connections we will market your Motor Yacht with the maximum exposure. We aim to sell your boat for you quickly , without any hassle and for the best price available. Due to high demand we are looking to add good quality brokerage to our listings and would be very happy to assist you with your sale.

How will you sell my boat?

  • We have 6 salesman in 2 locations working 7 days a week to sell your boat!
  • We have over 12,500 qualified boat buyers on our database that we personally select to broadcast your boat to.
  • We have 10,000's of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. We send updates to social media EVERYDAY- 7 days a week and everone has a picture.
  • We personally select the best websites to broadcast your Motor Yacht to a global audience. These include Yachtworld, the Yacht Market, and dozens of other specialist sites.
  • We can offer free/low cost storage/berthin. We can also arrange regular cleaning of you boat at Essex Marina when brokering your boat.
  • We can help by paying in advance for the transport, storage and other charges which can be deducted from the proceeds at the end sale of the sale.
  • We have nearly 60 years of boat sales experience and are considered by many as the best at working out a deal for you.

    • What do I have to do?

      Not much.

      1) Fill in the form below

      2) Wait for our reply (same day reply - 7 days a week)

      And then we will:

      a) We will contact you with an approximate valuation of the retail price and confirm our commission rate (this is normally 8% + VAT)

      b) If you want to accept- we will then ask you to scan us copies of your title documents (Builders certificate, VAT invoice, bills of sale, Registration document and details of any loans on her)

      c) Fill in the brokerage form

      d) We will arrange the marketing of the Vessel & get her sold!

      How long does this all take?

      • We normally get your boat listed within 7 days of your instruction
      • Most boats are sold within 4 months of going online but this can depend on many factors including the time of the year
      • Don't take our word for our service- try googling 'Selling my boat through' and see what our customers say.

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