Selling my boat


What is stockerage?

Stockerage is an alternative to standard Brokerage and Cash purchase. Stockerage is unique to In a nutshell we agree a Guide price net return to you on listing the boat with us. We treat this guide price as a purchase price as if we had bought the boat from you. We then advertise the boat as a stock boat and not a brokerage boat. When we advertise a boat as a stock boat, we can include lots of juciy extras for the buyer that we cannot offer them on brokerage. We can offer them:

- Part exchange against your boat

- Warranty on hull engines and drives

- Full access to all our finance options

- Customisation

- Payment terms

- Flexibility

The boat is then advertised online as normal (but with stock status). As 70% of bigger boat buyers have a part exchange, the chances (and speed) of your boat being sold increase by 70%! When we get a buyer (with or without a part exchange)- we then firm up the guide price to a fixed net return. You can of course decide at this point to refuse or accept the net return. If you accept we will confirm the offer and payment terms to you in writing and we proceed to completion. Easy.

How much do I get?

Typically on stockerage you will net about 70-80% of the boats retail value, but for certain models at a certain type of the year you could end up with upto 90% of the boats value. You will be given a guide price when we accept your boat for stockerage.

What do I have to do?

Not much.

1) Fill in the form below

2) Wait for our reply (same day reply - 7 days a week)

And then we will:

a) We will contact you with an approximate valuation of the retail price of your boat and then we will issue you with a guide price net return to you.

b) If you want to accept- we will then ask you to scan us copies of your title documents (Builders certificate, VAT invoice, bills of sale, Registration document and details of any loans on her)

c) We will then email you an agreement for us to both to Esign. We will also discuss whether the boat will move to one of our 4 offices (Essex, Poole, Denia or Calador) to be sold or if the boat will stay with you. Our minimum stockerage contract is 6 months.

d) When we find a buyer- we will then FIRM up the guide price to a fixed net return with payment terms. If you accept this we will complete the deal and pay you out.

e) You can then cancel your finance, insurance, berthing, cleaning, servicing etc.

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