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Back in Cala d'Or

By James Barke on 01 February, 2020

Our Cala d'Or customers may not have even noticed any change as the season drew to an end back in Oct 2018, but something was amiss.

Our Managing Director Nick, based in Cala d'Or was absent.

He had disappeared.

He had disappeared in to a world (and cloud) of fibreglass in a tarpaulin shed in... Essex.

Nick had started a big rebuild and refit. The biggest in our company's history, a huge undertaking that would leave Nick working 7 days a week, often doing 16 hour days. He achieved the unachievable, and the result is our stunning Oyster 825.

Most of our customers will have begun to notice the lack of Nick in Cala d'Or when they returned at the start of 2019, that's when you would have usually seen him walking about the marina, hopping on and off boats - carrying out quick fixes and arranging more serious repairs.

As a family, we have always joked about Nick's "Magic Hands"  - his ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues often with a MacGyver level of tools and lack of equipment. As the season drew on, we know his absence was felt more and more, and perhaps you felt your boats were not being looked after to the high-standards that you had came to expect.

To those customers who have stayed with us - THANK YOU! Your patience and loyalty really means a lot and we are happy to report that old Magic Hands is back. Back to his home and his little girl, and back to his customers. He cannot wait to get things moving.

We will be opening a new office (details to follow) and with the rest of the team, we plan to once again, offer the best service in Mallorca!