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By James Barke on 17 March, 2021

Its gone crazy again! We ended 2020 on a high with a flurry of sales of some huge boats (Princess F70, S65, P68's etc). January was a very slow month with no-shows and poor weather together with the lockdown. However, from early February onwards sales have slowly built week-on-week with customers determined to get a quality boat in time for family holidays around the UK this summer. We are selling everything from used £5k Kawasaki Jet Ski's (we are the UK Distributor now) to £5.5m New Princess Yachts! (and everything in-between).

To deal with this high demand, we have bought every spare boat from all of our manufacturers for 2021. These are delivered weekly in a trickle all year due to their continued issues with Covid and Brexit parts delays. We have also bought (pretty much) every used boat that we have been offered and for this reason we have a good supply of quality new and used boats ready for the 2020 season. However, we do expect to have low stock by June, so if you are looking for a boat for this season - time is of the essence!

We are also hearing reports from numerous dealers that they will soon be out of stock. They have implemented an asking price only policy and I have spoken to 2 dealers (who shall remain anonymous) who are even interviewing potential buyers to see if they 'want' to sell the boat to the customer at the 'asking price'. This is all very unusual, but it makes for a fast moving and exciting market for both buyers and sellers. If you want the best advice - then please feel free to talk to us at anytime but it is a rapid market, so strap in!

Lastly, I wanted to mention our new YouTube videos. We have been making videos for years and in fact our boat berthing video from 8 years ago now has over 300k views. However, we are now committed to making 2 videos per week. They mainly focus on boats as they arrive with us. Due to the quick turn around time, we really struggled to make the videos perfect, so we decided to just make the videos with warts and all and get them live ASAP. We make no apologies for our poor, unpolished presentation and quick fire editing, but we can promise you one thing: The boats are fantastic. And that's all you really want isn't it?

P.S. This blog is well read! In fact Radio 4's Shari Vahl read the blog when researching the boat industry and got in touch for an interview only last week, listen here

Have a great season!