UK Boat Market update Summer 2024- Winning or Losing?

By James Barke on 05 June, 2024

Everyday customers and dealers ask me- How is the Boat Market?

It's the £1m (or more) question, the answer changes daily and this is what makes the boat market so interesting.

So here goes...(and remember this is just my humble opinion based on the brands we sell)

New Cruisers are selling well. In fact the more expensive the boat is - the better it is. For example, we have just sold a New Fairline Squadron 68 and Fairline Phantom 65 and so the next delivery is August 2025. Normally at this time of year- we would have 2 or 3 New Fairlines in stock. We have one - a lovely 3 week old Fairline Targa 45 Open, in Calador, Mallorca and we don't get another new Fairline (that is unsold) until September!

If we move down the price range to Parker and Searay, then it really changes. It changes because the cost of living is affecting these buyers more. It is taking twice as long to sell a boat in this price range even if the price is really attractive. If you have a boat like this that you want to sell then I advise a part-exchange with your dealer or be very patient.

If we move to used boats then it is a much simpler story. If it's an out and out sportsboat then it is very slow (a buyers market) but if you have a cruiser of any sort then you are in luck. The market wants these and used cruisers are selling at a steady rate from £40k to £4m. Again the more expensive and bigger and newer it is the better ! Another example; we have sold 2 cruisers in the 65'-70' (£1m to £2m) bracket, per month for the last few months.

In summary, it's a massive mixed bag but if you are selling then always speak to your trusted dealer for advice - he or she will know exactly what's going on today and everyday and at the moment the market is moving so quickly - their advice is invaluable and that will make you a winner in the boat market.

Have a great season and we look forward to seeing you at the Autumn shows!