Medium boat sales

What’s happening to the world of boat sales during this crisis ?

By James Barke on 30 March, 2020

Well, like all of you, we are struggling through this unprecedented predicament from day to day, but, there is lots we can still do.

We are using this time to catch up with all the boat listings that we did not get round to uploading before the slow down - so keep you eyes peeled on for the latest arrivals.

As you can imagine, boat sales have basically stopped. However, enquiries are still good and as soon as the lockdown finishes we hope to be able to resume normal business.

Our engineers are driving in alone, working on projects with social distancing in place and actually still doing a good job of getting things done, so that customers can enjoy their boats as soon as the weather and situation improves.

Our marina is on lockdown, so only essential maintenance and checks are ongoing at the moment. Although we are open to Essex Police (for fuel for their boats) and fisherman so they can keep the fresh fish in the shops.

Our Oyster 825 is still in the Caribbean being Spring cleaned while we wait for flights to resume. We have had to cancel and postpone charters but we are looking forward to her sailing to the Med for the summer and hopefully in time for the restrictions to be lifted.

Lastly, we think it is so important to remember that this crisis will soon pass, and if its taught us anything, its that life is for living, today, don’t put off till tomorrow - we remain sanguine and hope we can all look forward to enjoying our boats (and charters) in the not too distant future.

Keep safe!